Prepare for Your Move with These Packing Tips from UMS Moving

UMS Moving in Dallas, Texas provides these moving and packing tips to ensure you have a safe and successful move!

Preparation is key for any successful move. With that in mind, our team at UMS Moving in DallasTexas is here to provide these moving and packing tips to ensure your belongings are protected for a safe and smooth relocation.

First, you essentially have three options when it comes to packing for your move. You can choose to pack everything yourself, have our Dallas movers pack some items, or choose to have our full-service moving company pack all of your belongings for you. Regardless, it’s important to follow these moving and packing tips to ensure your belongings arrive damage-free at your destination.

As you prepare for your move, make a supply run to stock up on packing supplies like boxes, packing foam, bubble wrap and heavy-duty shipping packaging tape. From there, we encourage you to pack early and often. If you can, designate a room in your home as the packing room and get a head start on packing for your move. We suggest you start packing off-season items and things you don’t use very often.

Other packing tips include packing in layers. For example, you’ll start with the heaviest things on the bottom and work your way up. While you don’t want to avoid overloading your boxes, make sure you pack firmly to prevent items from shifting during your move. As you finish packing each box, clearly label the contents and destination of the box both on the side of your box and within an inventory, perhaps in a notebook or computer document.

Finally, UMS Moving in Dallas suggests you separate your valuables and irreplaceable items such as family keepsakes and photos, jewelry or family heirlooms, and important documents or paperwork. And of course, make plans for your pets such as where they’ll stay during your move and how you’ll transport them to your destination.

Hopefully these moving and packing tips from UMS Moving will help you and your family benefit from a safe and smooth relocation. Contact our team with any questions you might have regarding these packing tips and to get a free quote on your next home or commercial move. We look forward to serving you soon!